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Remembering the Mother Who Raised Me

May 28, 2013

It’s been a very long time since I’ve  written in my blog and much has happened. In April of 2012, my mother, Irene, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She met the challenge head on as she did with all the obstacles in her life. Unfortunately, on November 4th of 2012, she passed away. My world seemed shattered and I, along with my family, was stunned by her sudden absence.

I was in complete shock for the first few days and we were worried about my Dad, Robert. He and Irene were married for forty-five years and together for nearly fifty years in all. My wife and I stayed with my Dad for the first few days and with support of many friends and family, we pushed through as best we could.

Gratefully, my son Kyle and his parents and brother and sister were able to make it down for the memorial service. The service was beautiful and we were able to celebrate and remember Irene’s life for how many people she touched.

This Mother’s Day was difficult for me, being it was the first Mother’s Day without my Mom. I played tennis in the morning and quietly, I decided to honor her myself. She used to love going on picnics at Northwest Park in Austin, TX on Mother’s Day. I decided I would buy one rose in memory of her and place it in the pond at the park.

Luckily, I was able to find a bench right beside the pond, despite the multitude of people around me. I listened on my IPhone to “The Rose” by Bette Midler (one of her favorite songs and one that we played at her memorial service). After listening to the song three times, I kissed the rose and placed it inside the water and said a prayer. My whole body wanted to break down in tears but I didn’t want to draw more attention to myself. I quietly walked to my truck and drove away.

Mom’s birthdate is June 3rd and she would have been sixty-seven this year. That will be a challenging day but I will think of another way to remember and honor her. Thank you Mom for all your wisdom and support and love over the years. Some of the best wisdom you ever graced me with is “You have choices Daryn.”

We all have choices in all situations in our lives. She would tell me this when I struggled for clarity on situations, especially with my adoption reunion. I didn’t always make the right choice but I believe I stayed on the path of my adoption journey as best I could.

Daryn Watson, Adoptee.



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  1. Cindy A, permalink

    What a beautiful tribute. So sorry for your loss.

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